Geelong Smile Studio Payment Plans

Geelong Smile Studio Payment Plans

Payment Plans:

Recently, we have had a marked increase in the number of people who have been financing their dental treatment through DentiCare Payment Solutions.

Often dental treatment can be an unexpected and unplanned expense. In the past, these financial constraints may have prevented the ideal treatment outcome which in effect may compromise optimal oral and overall systemic health. I regularly hear that patients wished in hindsight that they had not let financial considerations influence a treatment decision.

On the contrary, we have also had many patients who have wanted to improve their smile and this service has allowed them to have that ‘Hollywood smile’ when they’ve wanted it.

DentiCare has proven remarkably popular since it is a completely automated Direct Debited service, taken from your chosen account, where you pay for treatment over time. This way you avoid large upfront costs.

DentiCare features also include:

  • Interest Free
  • No Credit checks
  • Minimum 20% deposit paid upfront while the rest is direct debited
  • Your choice of weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment cycles
  • Payment terms - 6 to 24 months
  • $39 initial set up fee

So no longer do you need to wait to have the ideal dental treatment option as recommended by your Dentist.

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ADA Dental Health Week 2015 - Sin 7: Slothful Avoidance

ADA Dental Health Week 2015 - Sin 7: Slothful Avoidance

ADA presents ‘The Seven Sporting Sins

Sin 7: Slothful Avoidance

Don’t let busy training schedules make you guilty of slothful avoidance of the dentist. The consequences of poor oral hygiene can catch up with you in the near future, so make sure you visit your dentist regularly and let them know if you play sport or work out. Your dentist will make sure that your habits on the sporting field are not hindering your oral health.

Having a family dentist will mean you will know who to call should you or a family member suffer from a dental injury. Remember time is everything when dealing with dental trauma, know your dental first aid.

Five tips for good oral health are:

  • Brush twice a day with fluoridated toothpaste.
  • Floss daily.
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Drink plenty of tap water.
  • Have regular check-ups with your dentist.

Extract from ADA's original article: "Sin 7: Slothful Avoidance"


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ADA Dental Health Week 2015 - Sin 6: Performance Envy

ADA Dental Health Week 2015 - Sin 6: Performance Envy

ADA presents ‘The Seven Sporting Sins

Sin 6: Performance Envy

Dehydration can be a common issue if you go to the gym, play a team sport, run, or do anything else that is active. Not only does dehydration stop you from performing at your peak it will reduce your salivary flow which means your teeth are less protected from acid attacks. Make sure you don’t suffer from performance envy, perform your best by staying well hydrated before, during and after sport. The ADA recommends tap water which contains fluoride that helps protect your teeth in the long term.

Tap water has the added benefit of being good for your teeth, unlike sports drinks that bathe your teeth in harmful sugar or acids. Water is free from a tap and cheaper than sports drinks from a bottle.

Tips to know if you’re dehydrated:

  • Is my mouth dry?
  • Do I have an acidic taste in my mouth?
  • Have I been sweating a lot?

Extract from ADA's original article: "Sin 6: Performance Envy"


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ADA Dental Health Week 2015 - Sin 5: Sports Gluttony

ADA Dental Health Week 2015 - Sin 5: Sports Gluttony

ADA presents ‘The Seven Sporting Sins

Sin 5: Sports Gluttony

Gluttony is another word you don’t normally associate with the super-fit and sporty! But certain habits such as snacking and grazing put our teeth at risk! Tooth decay is caused by how frequently we snack and how long you are exposed to food at any one time. Every time you eat, your teeth are exposed to the sugars in food, this is called an ‘acid attack’. The bacteria in your mouth (plaque) use these sugars to make acid and if teeth are exposed to this acid long enough holes develop -this is known as tooth decay.

It is important to beware of hidden sugars in so called ‘Health Foods’! These include culprits like muesli bars and sports bars where seemingly healthy ingredients are bound together with sugar! Frequency of snacking and sipping on foods and drinks that contain sugar like dried fruit, sports gels and energy bars will increase your risk of developing tooth decay.

Protect your teeth by:

  • Snacking on foods that have high nutritional value will help with performance and recovery before and after sport.
  • Snacking on foods that are light and low in sugar between meals.
  • Eating fresh produce. Packaged foods are generally higher in sugar than their fresh alternatives.
  • Reading the label – if sugar is listed in the top three ingredients it’s usually not a good sign.
  • Searching online is a great way to find healthy snack ideas

Extract from ADA's original article: "Sin 5: Sports Gluttony"


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ADA Dental Health Week 2015 - Sin 4: Supplementing Vanity

ADA Dental Health Week 2015 - Sin 4: Supplementing Vanity

ADA presents ‘The Seven Sporting Sins

Sin 4: Supplementing Vanity

Vanity can drive some people to use sport supplements like pre- and intra-work out drinks with little or no question of what is really in them, if they are deemed to achieve a lean and muscular physique.

The current wave of pre-workout and intra-workout drinks on the market make all types of claims but many of these products have not both been rigorously tested! Intra-workout supplements are often overlooked as a potential cause of tooth erosion, however the addition of acidic ingredients as well as the fact that people sip frequently on these over a training session makes them a potentially concerning product for your teeth. If you really are conscious of your health you need to be aware that these products contain acidic preservatives which will cause irreversible damage to your teeth if used frequently.

Don’t panic, not all gym supplements are bad for your teeth. The real danger is how frequently some of them are consumed, especially if they contain sugar or acids.

Your number one tip when buying sport supplements:

  • Products that contain ingredients like citric acid (food numbers 330 or 331) or ascorbic acid (food number 300) are acidic! Preservatives that end in the letters ‘ate’ like sorbate can also be assumed to be acidic!

Extract from ADA's original article: "Sin 4: Supplementing Vanity"


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