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Dental Tips For New Mums

Dental Tips For New Mums

Check and clean your baby’s teeth.

Healthy teeth should be all one colour. If you see spots or stains, it is best to have these assessed by your dentist.

As soon as teeth erupt in the mouth, it is advised to clean them at least twice a day after breakfast and after dinner. Initially use a soft cloth over your finger and then work up to a baby toothbrush.

At about 18 months to 2 years you should be able to clean the teeth with a toothbrush and you can add a small drop (pea sized amount) of children’s toothpaste.

Young children cannot get their teeth clean by themselves. Most kids need assistance with their tooth brushing until around 8 years of age.

Choose foods that do not have a lot of sugar in them.

Only milk and water in the bottle.

Do not sleep with your baby and allow them to feed continuously.

Do not dip a dummy in anything.

At around 12 months of age, teach your baby to drink out of a cup instead of the bottle.

The first dental examination can take place around 2 years of age.

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