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How to Fix Bad Breath

IN THE last article we found that most of the bacteria causing bad breath reside in the mouth, particularly in the posterior part of the tongue, caught between teeth, under the gums and within decaying teeth.

However, it is the tongue that we often forget in our oral hygiene. If we clean our teeth and keep our gums healthy, why don't we also make a habit of cleaning our tongue? The answer is we should.

Since most bad breath causing bacteria are housed and have a plentiful "food" supply in the posterior part of the tongue, then reducing the bacterial load and food supply by cleaning the tongue with a tooth brush or tongue scraper (cleaner) will ultimately reduce the presence of bad breath.

This can be done twice daily with your routine brushing and flossing regime.

Obviously, the presence of food trapped between teeth and the presence of plaque and calculus beneath the gum will require appropriate attention from your dentist and dental hygienist. In the meantime, regular flossing and removal of trapped debris will reduce the likelihood of bad breath.

Denture wearers should ensure their dentures are clean and free of debris by soaking periodically in an antibacterial solution.

The presence of mouthwashes, mints, sprays, chewing parsley, cinnamon and gums etc, which claim to reduce the severity and mask the halitosis, can only be effective in the short term since they do not remove the cause of bad breath.

Furthermore, some of these mouthwashes contain alcohol.

By virtue of being a drying agent, these alcohol containing mouthwashes not only reduce the oxygen content within the mouth, but they also reduce the saliva content and therefore the "cleansing" effect saliva plays within the mouth.

Conversely, chewing sugar free gums which stimulate saliva production can be beneficial in the short term.

So if you have suffered the embarrassment of somebody telling you your breath is stinky, it may be time to visit your dentist and dental hygienist for a complete oral examination.

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