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Mother’s Day Reminder

Mother’s Day Reminder

Mother’s Day Reminder

Mother’s Day is often an enjoyable time of the year in rewarding those dear to us. Great family time, appreciation and of course in some cases, lots of chocolate. Watching my three boys indulge in ridiculous quantities of chocolate this past Easter, reminded me of a little known fact about chocolate, lollies and sugar in general.

Rightfully so, the anti-sugar movement has gained significant momentum and awareness, however, for the majority of us guilty of sneaking in the odd block of chocolate or two, the odd quick ‘pick-me-up’ handful of lollies or the quick squirt of sugar containing soft drink throughout the day, we need to be reminded of a fact with sugar and dental decay. “It is not the quantity of sugar that you consume that is a problem, but the frequency of the exposure to sugar.”

That’s correct, you can eat a bucket load of sugar, a bucket load of lollies, or a bucket load of soft drink within two minutes, then chew sugar-less gum and the effects on your teeth will be minimal. The sugar won’t do your waistline or diabetes any good, but your teeth will be ok. That’s my two-minute rule!

It's probably fair to say – Sugar Sucks!



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