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ADA Dental Health Week 2015 - Sin 1: A Lust for Taste

ADA Dental Health Week 2015 - Sin 1: A Lust for Taste

ADA presents ‘The Seven Sporting Sins

Sin 1: A Lust for Taste

Are you increasing your risk of decay?

Most people will have a sport drink because they taste good, and the idea of ‘electrolytes’ for fast hydration and a performance boost make these drinks even more appealing. Not only are sport drinks acidic and high in sugar but people tend to sip on them frequently during exercise rather than gulping all at once, increasing the time that teeth are exposed and vulnerable to dental damage. Sport drinks are designed for elite athletes and not the average weekend warrior- frequent use by anyone will cause your teeth to erode and increase your risk of tooth decay.

A quick glance at the label will let you know if the products you are consuming contain sugar or acid. Sugar can be masqueraded as a ‘healthy’ ingredient, such as honey, rice syrup, or even ‘organic dehydrated cane juice’, and whilst these may sound wholesome they are still sugar and will still cause decay if consumed frequently.

Here are some tips to help reduce your risk:

  • Avoid swishing sports drinks and intra-workout drinks around in your mouth.
  • Using a straw helps reduce damage from harmful beverages, as does drinking them cold
  • Discuss your training and nutrition regime with your dentist. A regular dental review will detect early damage and offer preventive advice.
  • If you’re not sure whether you need to be using specialised sports products when you exercise, make an appointment with an Accredited Sports Dietitian to find out more.

Extract from ADA's original article: "A Lust for Taste"


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