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ADA Dental Health Week 2015 - Sin 3: The Wrath of Trauma

ADA Dental Health Week 2015 - Sin 3: The Wrath of Trauma

ADA presents ‘The Seven Sporting Sins

Sin 3: The Wrath of Trauma

Each year, thousands of adults and children are treated for dental injuries that could have been prevented or minimised by simply wearing a mouthguard, so the best way to avoid the wrath of trauma is to wear your mouthguard during training and the game. Your dentist can make you a custom mouthguard which will fit like a glove and reduce the risk and severity of dental injuries. Remember it’s easier, cheaper and far less painful to wear a mouthguard than it is to replace a lost tooth. Anyone who plays a sport or undertakes an activity where collision or contact to the face is a legitimate risk should wear a mouthguard.

A custom-fitted mouthguard that has been designed by your dentist makes breathing and speaking a lot easier when wearing your mouthguard, and overall are a lot more comfortable than their ‘boil and bite’ counterparts. These are the mouthguards that you can purchase from a chemist or sports store that offer less protection as they are ill-fitted and loose in the mouth, which can be dangerous during impact.

Accidents can happen to anybody at any age and when we least expect it. But knowing what do when a dental injury occurs is critical.

Tips to remember if an adult tooth is knocked out:

  • Don’t hold the tooth by the root.
  • Don’t scrub or rub the root surface.
  • Don’t let the tooth dry out.
  • Don’t store the tooth in water.
  • Don’t delay seeking dental treatment.

Extract from ADA's original article: "The Wrath of Trauma"


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