ADA Dental Health Week 2015 - Sin 7: Slothful Avoidance

ADA presents ‘The Seven Sporting Sins

Sin 7: Slothful Avoidance

Don’t let busy training schedules make you guilty of slothful avoidance of the dentist. The consequences of poor oral hygiene can catch up with you in the near future, so make sure you visit your dentist regularly and let them know if you play sport or work out. Your dentist will make sure that your habits on the sporting field are not hindering your oral health.

Having a family dentist will mean you will know who to call should you or a family member suffer from a dental injury. Remember time is everything when dealing with dental trauma, know your dental first aid.

Five tips for good oral health are:

Extract from ADA's original article: "Sin 7: Slothful Avoidance"