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Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism

Just recently, I have been seeing an increase in people returning from Asian countries such as Thailand, Bali and Vietnam having had dental treatment performed whilst on holidays. The promise of 5 star resort accommodation, tropical holidays and cheap dental work seems to be an offer too good to refuse. Even health fund NIB will support your decision and guarantee your cosmetic treatment for 12 months. But is it really a bargain?



The questions that come to my mind are:

  • What training and experience has the treating clinician had?
  • What sterilizing standards does the clinic follow?
  • What materials and products are used?
  • What happens when something goes wrong?

Unfortunately, my experience has been that in recent times I have been seeing people returning with new veneers and new implants which were often in their hands, instead of in their mouth. One veneer fell off after 3 weeks! Or what about dental implants falling out in less than 12 months? Certainly, I have seen less than ideal dental outcomes performed by Australian dentists. However, in Australia we have stringent industry standards, freedom to choose our appropriately trained dentist and the convenience of local continuing care if the need arises.

My experience is that it is best not to be lured into the romance of the cheap holiday or even NIB’s 12 month pittance guarantee to achieve an apparent dental ‘bargain’. Just take the holiday instead!

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