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Which Toothbrush and Floss are for me?

Which Toothbrush and Floss are for me?

Which Toothbrush and Floss are for me?

Today a vast array of powered, and non-powered tooth brushing and flossing devices exist on the market shelves. Years ago, the selection of a manual brush and floss was simple. Soft bristles, small head and comfortable handle ticked all the boxes for a manual toothbrush. The choice of floss was largely between tape or waxed floss, with the selection largely down to personal preference.

Many people feel they can achieve a great result with a manual toothbrush, and that is fantastic. However for children, handicapped, elderly or the lazy (like me) many prefer an electric brush. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for, and my personal preference at the moment for the Phillips Diamond Sonic Care brush. Although not the cheapest electric brush on the market, it could be one of the most effective.

Recently, powered flossing devices have become available, claiming like the powered brushes, to provide a superior clean. The Phillips Sonic Care Air Floss is a fantastic adjunct to flossing. It has the advantage of being a very simple device to use, with the pulsations of air and water removing trapped food particles between your teeth. We tend to recommend this product for discerning people with a minimally restored mouth and a desire for optimal oral hygiene.

However, for our patients with periodontal disease or a heavily restored mouth with large restorations, crowns and dental implants, Geelong Smile Studio recommends the Waterpik. The Waterpik squirts a stream of water between teeth and under the gum to provide a comprehensive clean. When treating periodontal disease, the Waterpik can be used to precisely administer an antibacterial solution between teeth and below the gums.

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To find out where you can purchase any of these devices at up to 20% off the normal retail price, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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