A great advancement in dental treatments that has recently become available is Cosmetic Laser.


Cosmetic Laser

Often little or no local anaesthetic (injection) is required as the laser is virtually painless. No stitches are required and therefore healing can happen up to 5–6 times more quickly.

For example, a cosmetic gum lift across the front six teeth using laser would require you to spend less than half the time in the dental chair, and cost you half as much as conventional gum surgery.

You can achieve a predictable outcome with little or no bleeding and no stitches, and you are unlikely to need post-operative painkillers.

You can also have your teeth whitened or prepared for veneers within a week – not the obligatory 6–8 weeks' healing required after conventional gum surgery.

A dental laser is also a great way to release a tongue tie or perform a frenectomy.