Neuromuscular Dental Procedures

When a clinical diagnosis has been made, whether of TMD, malocclusion (bad bite), pain, or the desire to improve a smile with aesthetic dentistry, often the first aim during treatment is to relax the hyperactive muscles.

Relaxing Hyperactive Muscles
Hyperactive muscles can be relaxed using an ULF – TENS (Ultra low frequency transcutaneous electrical neural stimulation) unit.

The TENS unit delivers a mild stimulus to the nerves supplying specific muscles of the head and neck, causing these muscles to contract.

Improved Blood Flow
A muscle that contracts via TENS, will also relax. As a consequence, the relaxed muscles will have a significantly improved blood flow.

Improved blood flow means better waste removal, enhanced oxygen supply and improved muscle metabolism.

Treatment using K7
Treatment will then proceed using a computerised instrument known as a K7. This amazing piece of equipment can measure jaw movements, and muscle activity via electromyography (EMG) as well as temporomandibular joint sounds via electrosonograph (ESG).

Along with the TENS unit, the K7 helps the neuromuscular dentist to find the most physiologically-relaxed, rest position of the muscles of the head and neck.

An Orthotic Device to Retrain the Muscles

An orthotic device is then fabricated.

This device is designed to align the jaw is in its optimal position. The device is used to 're-train' the muscles and hold the jaw in the newly-found balanced and rested position.

The fundamental beauty of the orthotic is that it allows the neuromuscular dentist to correct the misaligned bite in a temporary and reversible manner.

Completion of Treatment
Only following orthotic wearing, and patient confirmation of a reduction in the signs and symptoms, will irreversible treatment commence.

Where to now?
If you suffer from jaw pain, chronic headaches, migraine, dizziness, tinnitus or neck and shoulder pain, the first step is to contact the treatment co-ordinator at Geelong Smile Studio to arrange a comprehensive neuromuscular consultation.

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