What are Fixed Dentures?

Fixed dentures (aka crown and bridges dentures) are made from crowns that are fixed to the existing teeth in the upper or lower arch, and are made to resemble the missing teeth. They are more costly than removable dentures, but are more stable and durable long-term, and feel like real teeth. Dr. Jason Gray & Dr. Alison Robinson can help determine if a fixed denture would be suitable for you.

Will Fixed Dentures Make Me Look Different?

Fixed dentures are designed to resemble the missing teeth and have a very natural look. However you may find it will take a couple of days to adjust to the change.

Generally, if anything, fixed dentures will help improve your smile and facial appearance by filling out your face and profile.

Implant Retained Overdentures

Implant Retained Overdentures are used for people who do not have any teeth remaining in the jaw for a fixed denture to attach to. Instead, implant retained overdentures attach to the bone in the jaw, providing there is sufficient bone to support the implants.

A consultation with either Dr. Gray or Dr. Robinson is required in order to determine if you are a suitable candidate for this procedure.


How Do Implant Retained Overdentures Work?

Implant retained overdentures are made of an acrylic base that is designed to look like gums. Teeth made of acrylic or porcelain are attached to the base. At least two implants are inserted into your jaw for support and these are attached to the denture with clip or stud attachments.

How do I care for my Implant Retained Overdenture?

In order to preserve the healthy condition of your dentures, regular cleaning is essential. We recommend that you remove your overdentures at night to prevent infections developing, and because, just as with regular dentures, you should not sleep with the implant-supported dentures in place.

Once removed clean your denture with a denture brush and cream, and leave to soak overnight in a denture soaking solution or cold water. Do not use hot water as this may cause your dentures to warp.

Will I be able to eat after my Implant Overdenture Procedure?

Eating will take a little practice at first. For the first few days afterwards, start with soft foods and small bite-sized pieces. Avoid hot foods and chew foods gently using both sides of the mouth at the same time.