White fillings are becoming increasingly popular and with good reason. Unlike silver fillings, white fillings are mercury free, stronger and more durable, and bond well to your teeth. They also blend in naturally for a more pleasing aesthetic.

At Geelong Smile Studio we use the latest technology with our white fillings to not only replace decay, but also ensure the health of your teeth and make sure you look great.

We use two different types of white fillings, depending on the size and location of the cavities. Composite resin fillings are generally used where the cavity is small or medium in size. In case of larger cavities, we find that porcelain inlays are usually a better option when there is not enough tooth structure to allow a white filling to maintain the strength of the tooth.

White Fillings

Composite Resin Fillings

This simple variety of white filling is dental composite which is made up of resin and a light sensitive agent, which gives it a natural look. Composite resin fillings can be done in one appointment, and are available in a variety of shades, to ensure the filling is perfectly matched with your natural tooth colour. Before bonding the filling to the tooth, the tooth will be cleaned and the decay will be removed.


Porcelain Inlays

The other variety of white filling is known as an indirect composite or porcelain inlay. Geelong dentists, Dr. Jason Gray & Dr. Alison Robinson recommend porcelain inlays for larger cavities as they last longer (up to 30 years!) and offer a more professional, glossy finish.

Porcelain inlays are fillings, which are made of porcelain, and they can be attached either to the side of a tooth or fitted directly into the centre of a tooth. Where there is enough natural tooth remaining, porcelain inlays can prevent using a crown (which is much harsher on the tooth), and because they are so strong they can actually increase the overall strength of a tooth.

Introducing CEREC - a revolutionary Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD-CAM) machine which enables precise ceramic restorations - crowns, inlays, onlays, and amalgam replacement to be performed in a SINGLE visit!

Inlays are made in our lab with Cerec and bonded in the dental chair to increase their strength and longevity. Fitting porcelain inlays at Geelong Smile Studio will take just one appointment.